Addiction Treatment for Professionals and Executives

The South Beach Detox Addiction Treatment Executive Program is a premier program that provides an executive-level treatment experience, one that meets the needs of business professionals and their busy lifestyles.

The program offers more scheduling flexibility in treatment for professionals, enabling executives to continue management of daily responsibilities with their business or organization.

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Treatment for Professionals

What to Expect From An Executive Drug Rehabilitation Program

Programs focused on executive addiction treatment for professionals offer support, care, and recovery for corporate executives. The South Beach Detox Executive Addiction Treatment Program was created so that the needs of the client could be incorporated. In this case, the patient may still need to run their business by having the ability to interact with their office and doing other business-related work.

Our program is designed to allow the client to maintain their presence in his or her business. To achieve this, the environment the client is placed in is made as similar to a home or office environment as possible. These rooms will have a custom built desk.

Why Executive Addiction Treatment Is Different

The main difference between executive alcohol treatment centers and other treatment centers is the ability of a well-trained staff to allow the continuation of a business relationship within a treatment process. The staff is often trained to know what the business executive will need for work, at the same time as being knowledgeable about drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our Executive Addiction Treatment Programs cater to celebrities as well as business executives. Through personalized and comprehensive substance abuse treatment for professionals, these individuals can continue to be successful in their lives or careers, despite being in treatment for drug or alcohol addictions.

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance dependency and also works in a corporate position, contact 800-940-0082 to speak with a South Beach Detox Outreach Coordinator so that you can get the information you need to complete the healing process.

The South Beach Detox campus is convenient to several major East Coast cities, including Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

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