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At South Beach Detox it is our mission to provide the highest quality of medical and clinical care to patients with substance abuse disorders as well as co-occurring conditions. These services shall be individualized, and specialized to reduce symptoms, improve functionality and strengthen the capacity to live an independent and fulfilling life.

Here’s a few kind words from family members and alumni that have been treated at South Beach Detox.

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Best Addiction Treatment in South Florida

My experience at this detox has been the greatest thing ever. I have been to multiple detoxes in South Florida and this one is the best, most caring, most clean, most outstanding detox ever. The techs here go above and beyond for the clients, they will do everything they can to help get any food, snacks, extra things needed in your room. they take you down in groups to smoke and its great, helps the clients meet each other. They even take us down to have groups about real life stuff, the COO is even involved in these meetings, he really helps with everything, phone calls, discharges, really anything you need you can ask him and he will have an answer.

Now the medical staff is outstanding they will make sure you are so comfortable, you will not be sick you will not be in pain, you can ask them about anything and they will try to get an answer to you as soon as they can. also really cool that there is a hot tub and once the doctor approves you to go in it, it really helps your body feel better after withdrawal. honestly this facility is just all around amazing and i would highly recommend to a loved one who is suffering from addiction.

Everyone is involved here, techs, nurses, owners, EVERYONE. You will never go without here and will have the best stay and they will make sure that you go to a safe place and set up a great aftercare plan. Make sure you chose South Beach!!

Taylor T.


Addiction Treatment for Family Member

A family member of mine was a patient at South Beach Detox and I can’t be more thankful for their treatment and the remarkable recovery they made. This is a top-notch beautiful state of the art detox rehab facility. The staff is compassionate, very warm and welcoming and go above and beyond to make sure your loved ones are supported with respect, dignity and kindness.

The therapy and treatment received provide the necessary tools to move on with life. I don’t think that you will be able to find a more professional, caring and beautiful place for recovery.

Roberta H.


Addiction Treatment for Couples

South Beach Detox has helped me and my significant other multiple times even on Christmas Eve picked us up at 1 am last year. I recommend coming here 100 percent if your looking for a smooth easy detox every staff member is amazing clean facility good food good beds and amazing nursing staff if anyone anyone ever comes to me for help will definitely recommend SBD. I have been to probably 10 other places they do not compare.

Justin P.


Addiction Treatment for my Son

My son had been in treatment for almost one year. He received some good and some marginal treatment along the way. South Beach Detox was a place that really did get through to my son and made a difference for him. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the techs, to the person who made breakfast for my son – something got through to him and changed things.

The social worker was also extremely helpful to me. I have seen it all as far as treatment facilities go ( from NJ to Florida) and I would recommend South Beach Detox if you are looking for an experienced doctor and a compassionate facility for yourself or your loved one.

Kelly Z.


Amazing Experience! Thank You

My experience at South Beach Detox was amazing! From the very beginning, they walked us through the process… our loved one was treated with respect and taken good care of. The staff is professional and supportive. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dennis D.

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