South Beach Detox is a dual diagnosis treatment center that offers CBT for substance abuse and drug detox. Cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy method that focuses on the relationships between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This psychotherapy approach has become widely used to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and addiction, and it has been shown to be effective in both the detoxification and rehabilitation process.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Addiction?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for AddictionCognitive behavioral therapy for addiction is an effective method due to the way it addresses thoughts, feelings, and behaviors surrounding substance use. It helps people become aware of their thought patterns and works to manage the symptoms of withdrawal while keeping individuals abstinent from drugs or alcohol. CBT has also shown signs of treating co-occurring mental health disorders that often contribute to addiction.

Restructuring in addiction recovery is key to creating long-term methods of abstaining from substance abuse. Since self-medication with substances causes severe harm and negative feelings for individuals, CBT instead helps people learn positive coping skills and ways to deal with cravings, as well as “automatic thoughts” and other impulses.



How Does CBT Help Substance Abuse?

There are a variety of CBT interventions that can help substance abuse. These can include methods and therapies such as:

  • Behavioral Activation – Individuals learn to identify, activate, and change unhealthy behaviors that may have contributed to their substance abuse. These “automatic thoughts” and internalized feelings can then be brought to light, with the appropriate methods to address them for the better.
  • Cognitive Restructuring – As stated before, restructuring in addiction recovery is so important when learning how to change thought patterns. This intervention allows individuals to identify and address these patterns that contribute to negative behaviors and emotions and restructure the way they approach such things.
  • Training Social Skills – Learning how to interact with others in a positive manner goes a long way toward lasting recovery. By using CBT in substance abuse counseling, individuals learn how to address challenging social situations in a way that benefits them and those around them. Problem-solving interventions can also tie into this methodology, allowing individuals to find ways to sort through problems associated with their behaviors and beliefs.

Interested in CBT For Substance Abuse?

South Beach Detox is proud to offer cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction through our inpatient programs. Our addiction treatment center is composed of a talented team of specialized and trained professionals, from our support staff to our clinical and medical professionals. We offer specialized treatment for both English and Spanish-speaking individuals, and we provide patients with numerous amenities from our state-of-the-art treatment center.

For any individual looking to begin their journey to recovery, contact South Beach Detox today to learn more about our CBT for substance abuse programs, or for any additional information.