June 19, 2024

Learn About the Spanish-Speaking Rehab Program at South Beach Detox

South Beach Detox is proud to shine a spotlight on our Spanish-speaking rehab program, which is designed to help increase access to high-quality substance abuse treatment for individuals in the Hispanic community.  Addiction doesn’t discriminate by race, ethnicity, or spoken language. But despite the massive Hispanic population in the U.S., […]
May 29, 2024

How to Get Through the Holidays While Grieving

Holidays can be tough when you’re in recovery – and even tougher when you’re trying to figure out how to get through the holidays while grieving.  Grief has no timeline. It doesn’t work around our holiday schedules or magically disappear because we’re expected to be joyous. On the contrary, individuals […]
April 3, 2024

Common Treatment Questions: Can You Have Your Phone in Rehab?

“Can you have your cell phone in rehab?” It’s perhaps the most frequently asked question by individuals thinking of entering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. And that’s quite understandable – entering a rehab facility can be a daunting enough prospect, and even more so when you’re faced with the […]
March 14, 2024

How to Help a Loved One With Borderline Personality Disorder

It can be challenging to help a loved one with borderline personality disorder (BPD). People who suffer from BPD often experience acutely-felt emotions, extreme self-doubt, impulsive/self-destructive behavior and a lack of trust in others, particularly those closest to them. Understandably, this can make a relationship with a BPD sufferer intense […]
February 6, 2024

Screen Time and Mental Health: Is Your Device Making You Anxious?

Are you or a loved one dealing with anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem? You might want to consider that there could be a correlation between your digital device, your amount of screen time, and mental health issues you’re experiencing. The average American spends seven hours staring at a screen of […]
January 3, 2024

The Importance of Having a Relapse Prevention Plan

Overcoming alcohol or substance abuse is a challenging journey, one that requires not only immense personal strength and support, but also a well-structured relapse prevention plan. Addiction, whether to alcohol or substances, is often a lifelong struggle. However, the road to recovery can be significantly smoothed with the aid of […]
December 6, 2023

Understanding Wet Brain: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery

Wet brain, known more formally as Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS), is a brain disorder caused by a deficiency in vitamin B1 (thiamine). This deficiency is often due to excessive alcohol use, creating a strong tie between alcohol addiction and WKS.  Below, we’re taking a deep dive into the basic facts around […]
November 13, 2023

When Does a Habit Become an Addiction?

Most people are aware of the dangers that can stem from drinking alcohol and using drugs. While not everyone who drinks or uses drugs becomes an addict, there is a recognition that substance use disorder — a complex condition in which there is uncontrolled use of a substance despite harmful […]
October 5, 2023

Antidepressants Not Working? Here’s What To Do Next

Are you concerned about your antidepressants not working? It can take a lot of trial and error to find the right medication for treating depressive symptoms. And even once you find it, there’s always a chance that your medication might not always work quite how you need it to.  The […]
September 6, 2023

Common Symptoms of Seasonal Depression to Look Out For

Are you experiencing signs and symptoms of seasonal depression? Seasonal depression, also referred to as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that impacts about 5% of the population. Unlike other depressive disorders, seasonal depression is cyclical, meaning it appears and disappears at distinct times of year. […]
August 11, 2023

How to Avoid Relapse with Healthy Habits: Prioritizing Self-Care In Recovery

Prioritizing self-care in recovery is crucial to avoid relapse. At South Beach Detox, we stress the significance of learning healthy activities and developing positive habits. These two pillars play a key role in maintaining momentum in your recovery journey. This article will show you how to identify relapse triggers and […]
August 1, 2023

Alcohol Poisoning Signs: What You Need to Know

Understanding the realm of alcohol poisoning—its stark severity, the warning signs of alcohol overdose, and the critical path to recovery—is a significant step in safeguarding lives and preventing potential alcohol-related injuries, accidents, and fatalities. In a world where alcohol consumption is common, differentiating between moderate and excessive intake becomes imperative. […]

South Beach Detox COVID-19 Update

South Beach Detox is taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff, and we will not let the Covid-19 virus deter us from our mission.

We are an acute 34-bed medical detox and residential facility. Our staff is highly trained and conscious of the health crisis our nation is currently facing. South Beach Detox continues to remain open, providing the highest quality care to those suffering from S.U.D. and mental health issues.

Our admissions team is conducting thorough medical screenings following strict CDC guidelines, while our medical team is providing a comprehensive assessment of every patient. South Beach Detox remains committed to providing services to those in need in a safe medical setting.

Call 800-940-0082 now to discuss your needs or those of a family member.